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COVID-19 disease, which is caused by the novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) can be considered a world-wide pandemic. Compared to similar entities, like influenza, its virulence is much higher.

Primarily, due to the complications in which the lungs are affected its mortality rate is much higher, too, than that of other viruses. Moreover, nCoV-2019 tolerates the higher temperature of summer better, and it can remain virulent if attached to certain common surfaces and objects for days.

The medical division of our company, Happy Business Services Ltd., is one of the major importers of COVID-19 immunochromatography rapid assays. There have already been several shipments arrived in Hungary. A considerable part of the tests has been bought by the Hungarian National Healthcare Services Center (Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ; ÁEEK); our other customers have included professionals, laboratories, healthcare institutions and city councils for whom we have already shipped the products.


COVID-19 rapid test is to be qualified as a serological examination. The information it provides is for reference whether people are or have been infected or not. 


What another significant advantage of this test is that it is able to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in the past (with mild symptoms or without symptoms, too). The earliest possible time to do so is the third week after the infection occurred. In this case the patient can work in a more relaxed way provided the usual precautions are followed strictly. 

The rapid tests can be used by medical specialists, company doctors or any competent people providing the same service (e.g. plant health service). The time needed for the test is 15 minutes.

WARNING! This test is for professional use only. Selling it for home environment use and/or self-testing is prohibited. More details on the legal background can be found here. 

Clongene Co., who is the supplier of our company, manufactures more than 1,000 sorts of microbiological test materials and finished products. It is one of the biggest companies in China; our company is their exclusive distributor in Hungary. Regarding Europe, their tests have already been sold in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Rumania, Denmark, France, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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Clungene® COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test – References

There are several companies and institutions using Clungene® COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette, which is distributed by us. Here you can find the webpage of some of them.

Moreover, hundreds of medical institutions, doctors, health centres, nursing homes, private clinics, companies and other institutions have been using the rapid tests distributed by us.

Our partner, Phoneix Pharma , distributes the rapid test in the Hungarian pharmacies.

Medical Service Budapest Mamut Egészségközpont (Mammut Health Centre)

Medical Service Budapest Árkád Egészségközpont (Árkád Health Centre)

Róbert Magánkórház (Róbert Private Hospital)

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(in boxes; one box contains 1250 pieces of rapid tests)


1 box contains 50 smaller packs. 
1 pack contains the following items:

  • test cassette (droppers included), separately packed 25 pcs;

  • lancets 25 pcs;

  • alcohol (disinfectant) pads 25 pcs;

  • buffer 1 pc (for the 25 tests);

  • user's manual.

All the necessary information regarding the COVID-19 serological rapid tests can be found on this webpage.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.